Korea My Way


The 'Korea My Way' mini online competition celebrated the reopening of South Korea's border by giving participants the opportunity to win an unforgettable trip. Focused on highlighting participants' playful travel personalities, the competition allowed them to choose activities related to food, culture, and adventure. As a key contributor to this project, I played an essential role in illustration, design, and production, working closely with the account manager and development team to ensure a seamless user experience. The competition exceeded expectations, attracting an impressive number of entries and establishing itself as a resounding success.

Client: Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Sydney
Work completed at Lash Creative

My Contribution

Interaction Design UI Design Visual Design Illustration

The Team

1 × Product Manager 1 × Designer 1 × Developer




A vibrant journey into Korean culture

The client's goal was to draw in audiences with an engaging competition while increasing awareness about Korea's unique food, culture, and adventurous activities. They envisioned a fresh and youthful look for this campaign. To match this vision, I used a bright colour palette to highlight the campaign's key themes: food, adventure, and culture. To add a personal touch, I designed a collage-style look, similar to a traveler's scrapbook. This approach allowed me to create a fun and educational user experience, giving users a sense of excitement as they entered the competition.

Personalised journey

Following their selection of a travel personality and related activities in Korea, users were treated to a personalized experience. After completing their entries, they were led to helpful articles and exciting Klook activities. The page also displayed the percentage of entries similar to the user's choice, which they could share via social media platforms.


The competition was a success, attracting 5,535 entries from 18,547 visitors. Among them, 11,693 actively engaged with the content and objectives of the competition, showing high levels of interaction.

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