The Reborn K-food Contest


AT collaborated with Le Cordon Bleu Sydney to host The Reborn K-food Contest, spotlighting the diversity of Korean ingredients and their ability to enhance fusion dishes with Kimchi or Korean Jang. Selected students participated in the contest, creating impressive fusion dishes. My responsibilities included designing all print collateral, developing the website, and capturing photography for a successful event. The Reborn K-food Contest gained exposure on Concrete Playground, featuring Korean cooking essentials and simple recipes for home cooking.

Client: AT Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation
Work completed at Lash Creative

My contribution

UI Design Visual Design Photography

The team

1 x Project Manger 1 x Designer 1 x Developer 1 x Photographer 1 x Videographer




Design and photography for the contest

In my role for the Reborn K-food Contest, I was responsible for designing the website and event graphics. Adhering to AT's branding guidelines, I updated the website to a contemporary style. I captured appetising food photographs at the event, which were used to create a minimalist and aesthetically pleasing design that highlighted the versatility of Korean ingredients. The website displayed the winning recipe of the day and the benefits of Kimchi and Jang. To achieve a harmonious look and feel, I integrated Korean patterns as visual frames in the design.

Moreover, I created distinctive graphics and banners that aligned with the event's branding. These served as backdrops throughout the contest, contributing to a visually consistent and attractive event aesthetic.