Endless Possibilities


In 2022, I contributed significantly to the 'Endless Possibilities' campaign for Nongshim Australia, marking my fourth year on the project. Working closely with the art director and the production team, I played a key role in campaign art direction, including handling food styling and photography and designing sets. I also aided in the design and testing of the competition website, and created engaging social media content. Our campaign video ad was featured on Ads of the World.

Client: Nongshim Australia
Work completed at Lash Creative

My contribution

Design Art direction Photography Food styling Social media

The team

1 × Product manager 2 × Designers 1 x Developer 1 x Videographer




Crafting visual and digital narratives in the 'Endless Possibilities' campaign

In managing food styling and photography for the campaign, I carefully styled the food, arranged ingredients, and set up props for visual appeal. After the initial setup, we made several test videos to ensure all elements - lighting, prop placement, and model positioning - worked well together. All these steps were part of creating a final campaign video that effectively conveyed our message.

For the digital aspect, I focused on the competition website's responsive design and conducted tests to ensure a smooth user experience. I also created engaging social media posts and stories to further promote the competition.


The integrated campaign yielded outstanding results. The 'Shin to Win' competition saw record-breaking participation, while our social media presence expanded, attracting more followers and reaching a wider audience. Additionally, the campaign video ad received a fantastic response, was featured on Ads of the World, and achieved 713,505 views with a 44% drop-off rate, further amplifying its impact.

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