ING Campaign brand refresh


ING Bank, a leading Australian bank, revamped its look with a new logo and tagline ‘Do Your Thing,’ focusing on a customer-centric approach. The challenge was to update campaign pages and digital collateral to match this new brand identity, aligning with monthly launches and product releases.

My Role

Collaborating closely with the development team and design manager, I implemented the updated design system. My focus was on designing content to meet brand guidelines and ensure a cohesive UX/UI across all campaign pages in responsive sizes.

My Contribution

UX UI Design Design System Enhancement

The Team

2 × Designers 2 x Developers 1 x Project Manger




Lash Creative


ING old branding
New branding update on digital collateral
New branding update on digital banner ads
Components library

Updating campaign website and digital collateral

I revamped ING’s campaign website and digital collateral to reflect the refreshed branding. This involved integrating new UI components and organising content types like hero sections, text, and calculators into clear categories. This streamlined design process facilitated efficient collaboration between developers and designers.

Logo, heading and typography

Ensuring a dynamic and up to date Design System

To keep the system dynamic and current, continuous integration, where designers regularly add and update components, regular audits to refine and enhance components, and collaborative updates through cross-functional teams to ensure the design system evolves harmoniously with product development.

Different states of an input field of the calculator

UI component organisation

Structured UI components into a clear and logical hierarchy. This method involved categorising components by their complexity and use case, from basic elements like buttons and input fields to complex sections like forms and calculators. This approach promotes reusability and consistency across the design system.

Standardised grid system and responsive design in action

Grid system and responsive design integration

Implemented a standardised grid system to ensure consistent layout and spacing across all designs. Paired with responsive design guidelines and components, this guarantees that the website functions seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes. This integration ensures a cohesive and adaptable user experience, maintaining visual harmony and usability regardless of the platform.

Developer style guide page

Design component implementation guidelines

Provided clear guidelines for implementing design components such as typography, colours, and buttons, covering their structure and styling. Regular updates and team collaboration ensure effective guidance for feature implementations, fostering a cohesive and user-friendly application.


I achieved seamless content integration and consistent design on the campaign website, driving higher conversions and garnering positive customer feedback.