ING First Home Truths


In this project, I helped design an informative hub for first-home buyers, incorporating a breakdown cost calculator, a truth translator, and curated content. I actively collaborated throughout all stages from concept to testing, ensuring the delivery of a high-quality design. The resulting platform provides a step-by-step guide to assist users in buying their very first, very own home.

Client: ING Bank
Work completed at Lash Creative

My contribution

Product strategy Interaction design

The team

1 × Product manager 2 × Designers 2 x Developers




Designing an interactive, user-friendly hub for ING First-Home Buyers

In collaboration with the production team, our primary focus was to craft an intuitive hub tailored for first-home buyers. The design was organised to guide users through various stages of the home-buying process, including saving, researching, looking, and buying. Within these sections, we blended a selection of articles and videos. To enhance the user journey, we introduced a feature where, after reading an article, its card would transition to "viewed". Each article was designed to open in a slide panel, optimising ease of access and readability.

Real estate often comes with its complex jargon. Recognizing this challenge, a dedicated section was incorporated to demystify financial terms users might encounter. To streamline navigation, a sticky alphabetical guide was integrated, ensuring users could swiftly navigate and understand specific terminologies.

Lastly, the "Truth Translator" module was introduced. It's an interactive glossary of real estate terms and clichés where users can click to uncover definitions, enhancing the learning experience.