ING First Home Truths


In this project, I crafted an informative hub for first-home buyers, featuring a cost calculator, truth translator, and curated content. Collaborating across all stages, I ensured the delivery of a high-quality design, providing users with a step-by-step guide to purchasing their first home.

Client: ING Bank
Work completed at Lash Creative

My Contribution

Product Strategy Interaction Design

The Team

1 × Product Manager 2 × Designers 2 x Developers




Designing an interactive, user-friendly hub for ING First-Home Buyers

In collaboration with the production team, our primary focus was to design an intuitive hub tailored specifically for first-home buyers. We meticulously organised the hub to guide users through each stage of the home-buying process, including saving, researching, looking, and buying. Within these sections, we curated a diverse selection of articles and videos to provide comprehensive guidance and support. To enhance the user journey, we implemented a feature where, after reading an article, its card would transition to a "viewed" state, providing users with a sense of progress and accomplishment. Each article was carefully designed to open in a slide panel, ensuring optimal ease of access and readability.

Additionally, we recognised the challenge of complex jargon in the real estate industry, so we included a dedicated section to explain such terms in simple language. To further streamline navigation, we integrated a sticky alphabetical guide, allowing users to quickly locate and understand specific terminologies.

Lastly, the I designed the "Truth Translator" module, an interactive glossary of real estate terms and clichés. Users can simply click on any term to uncover its definition, enriching their learning experience.